Portfolio (2014 - 2017) --> PDF



Untitled (Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue), Museum Angra do Heroismo (MAH) (Tereceira Island, Azores) 2017 (solo)--> PDF
Frank Piasta & Patric Sandri, multipleart, Zurich (CH), 2017 (with Frank Piasta)--> PDF
ArtVerona, Solo presentation with Annarumma Gallery, 2017 (solo)--> PDF
Work and Residency Grants of the City of Zurich, Helmhaus, Zurich (CH), 2017 (group)--> PDF
Bender Schwinn Projekt Zwei, GalerieRenate Bender, Munich (DE), 2017 (group)--> PDF
Paint(h)ings, Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer, Project Room, Vienna (AT), 2017 (solo)--> PDF
50/50, Ultrastudio, Pescara (IT), 2017 (solo)--> PDF
Scheinraeume, Tart Gallery, Zurich (CH), 2017 (with Barbezat-Villetard )--> PDF
Song No.1, No.Stereo Contemporary, Lisbon (PT), 2017 (group)--> PDF
peintin, Sihlquai55, Zurich (CH), 2016 (with Muriel Kuoppala)--> PDF
Between Numbers and Poems, Annarumma Gallery, Naples (IT), 2016 (solo)--> PDF
Softening the Margin, Project175, Zurich (CH), 2016 (group)--> PDF
Eight Canvas - One Painting, BALTSprojects, Zurich (CH), 2016 (solo)--> PDF
Untitled (to), Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer, Vienna (AT), 2016 (solo)--> PDF
Interspaces, Kiosk Tabak, Zurich (CH), 2016 (solo)--> PDF
Through Painting, Lokal-int., Bienne (CH), 2016 (with Simone Holliger, curated by Patricia Bianchi)--> PDF
Walks, Lokal 14, Zurich (CH), 2015 (solo)--> PDF
!Champagne!', Beattricks, Milano (IT), 2015 (group exhibition, directed by Vincenzo della Corte)--> PDF
A Sculpture of Marmalade is a Sculpture. But it isn't Marmalade, Kunstplattform akku, Emmenbruecke / Lucerne (CH), 2015 (with Kyra T. Balderer)--> PDF
Projections, Toni - Areal, Zurich, 2014 (solo)--> PDF
Echoes, Sihlhalle, Zurich, 2014 (solo)--> PDF



2nd Tbilisi Triennial, Georgia, 2015 --> MANUAL / DOCUMENTATION



Softening the Margin, Project175, Zurich (CH), 2016 (group)--> PDF